In the twenty-first century, the attributes of wealth and wealth remained virtually unchanged since the days of Ancient Rome. This is expensive drinks, real estate, luxury vehicles and jewelry. Breaking the jackpot in the “Mega Fortune” slot machine, every gambler can afford and collection wine, and a white stone villa overlooking the ocean or yacht and the car of the last brand. The predicted return of the bets made is 96.6%, and the maximum winnings are limited by the amount of the progressive jackpot amount. Created by NetEnt, the  http://slotmine.com/mega-fortune/ provides the largest progressive jackpots. One of the payments in 2014, plucked at the “Mega Fortune” slot, was more than 17 million euros.
It’s worth mentioning that within the animation inserts with cash winnings, bonus game, and free spin mode and when receiving the jackpot, the developers used the innovative graphics technology "Reality", which had never been used before in real money gambling. Naturally, this slot is fully certified according to the legislation of Malta, as an honest and safe game product. However, this applies to all other gambling games for real money, which NetEnt Corporation offers on its gaming platforms. Video slot “Mega Fortune” is made in a modern manner. It features both a bonus game and free multiplayer games. Here the casino players will find three jackpots immediately.
“Mega Fortune’s” main characteristics are:
Number of drums – 5;
The number of active lines is 20;
The cost of one coin (minimum / maximum) is 0.01 / 0.5 euro;
The maximum bet of coins on the active line is 10;
The range of possible rates is from 0.2 euros to 50 euros;
The expected percentage of refunds made in the form of RTP winnings is 96.6%;
The maximum payout is equal to the current value of the Mega jackpot;
A wild symbol is a boat. It replaces any characters except scatter and bonus;
Free games are activated by three (or more) Scatter symbols, made in the form of a bottle of champagne. Symbols can appear anywhere in the playing field;
The bonus game is activated by three symbols with the inscription "Bonus", dropped out on drums 1,2 and 3;
Three progressive jackpots are played at once. You can win any of them during the bonus game.

Interesting Features

When playing “Mega Fortune” slots, like freeslotsland of gold it is possible to win one of three jackpots. In this slot jackpots are progressive. The part of each bet is added to the sum of the current jackpot. Jackpots are networked. That is, all rates in all Netent operators are added to the sum of current progressive payments. The size of the second jackpot in the “Mega Fortune” gaming machine may differ from the size of the first one and be smaller than it. In the case when an application for a specific jackpot takes place in the game round, its amount is fixed and frozen for the entire period of the game round, so that in parallel another round of the game did not issue an application for this amount. This excludes the technical opportunity to win the “Mega Fortune” jackpot simultaneously for two bids. If the connection between the gambling establishment and the special server of the jackpot is violated, then the gaming round is canceled. In this case, the claims of gamblers regarding the jackpot are not accepted, the fees from the gaming rates are not summed with the amount of the jackpot and this amount remains unchanged until the connection to the jackpot server is restored.
Payout progressive jackpot, won in this slot, is made from the amount of money available on the NetEnt network account. The gambling establishment upon Net Entertainment platform is always guaranteed to pay progressive jackpot, won honestly. In general there are three different jackpots in the slot:
Mega - deductions of 5.39% of each bet of all players;
Major - deduction of 1.1% of the rates;
Rapid Jackpots - is deducted 1% of the bet.
In Russian-language versions of gambling establishments, these jackpots are named - Fast, Senior and Mega. How are accruals almost 7.49% of the rates, with the declared percentage of return in 96.6% remains a mystery. It is possible that such mathematics of charges is possible, thanks to a 10% commission of the Netent network, which it deducts from every amount of the jackpot won.
Payout table:
Each of the symbols that you see on the screen of the “Mega Fortune” slot machine is a must-have attribute of a luxurious life. Even the simplest elements, which, however, it is very difficult to call those, look expensive and stylish;
These are the precious Rings on which the symbols of playing cards are engraved. Several of these rings, depending on the nominal value and quantity, will bring to the account from three to 150 credits;
The following ascending symbols are a glass of wine with a Cuban cigar, a pack of hundred-dollar bills, a luxurious Clock and a white Limousine. And if Wine, Money and Clock, dropping at least three times, will add to the account from 10 to 500 coins, then the elegant Limousine will appear twice on the screen and the replenishment of 2 - 1000 credits will be provided;
“Mega Fortune” by Net Entertainment doesn’t stint on the winnings. Well, that's not all! The boat on the waves has become a wild symbol and replaces the symbols in combinations on the screen. Champagne is just such a drink that must be served chilled, especially since Scatter will launch free spins in the device, from which it's so easy to lose your head;
The most attractive for the player is the symbol "Bonus" with the image of the Wheel of Fortune. Three such symbols on the active line - and before the meeting at the bonus level with the possibility of winning one of three progressive jackpots.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Mega Fortune is a five-reel 25 linear slot. In different casinos, players can bet in this game with a face value from 1 cent to fifty cents. In each round, you can bet a new bet, but it's impossible to do it when free spins are dropped, this is done so that players do not put themselves a maximum bet, while they themselves play minimal. Therefore, large bets can pay off well. You can bet from one to four coins per line, which in game 25. You can only put one coin per line, as much as possible in the game; you can therefore bet 100 coins. Given that the maximum value of each token is half a dollar, you can put at most $ 50 per spin.
So in the game there are wild symbols, scattered symbols, the option of stopping the game, a round of free spins, in which you can win a five-fold multiplier, the bonus option Mega Fortune and three progressive jackpots: Mega Progressive Jackpot, Rapid Progressive Jackpot, Major Progressive Jackpot.

Lines & Reel Strips

If players are lucky enough to catch three (or more) Scatter characters, which are made in the form of an open bottle of champagne, then the mode of free games will be launched. When more scatter symbols appear, the winning amount increases. The main task will be to choose from three positions a bottle with the maximum number of games and a multiplier. The choice is carried out blindly. It does not matter in which places and on which lines Scatter symbols will appear. During free games, all wins will be multiplied by the current coefficient, which can be increased by dropping out additional two scatter symbols. The exception to the multiplier is the winnings received for scatter symbols and in the bonus game.
Additional games or multiplier:
When the player is in the bonus free games mode, then falling out of two scatter symbols, given a choice between them. As a rule, one of them hides additional free games, and under another the overall multiplier of winnings increases. The choice is again made blindly. When the multiplier is increased, it is applied to all remaining free games, regardless of their number.

Bonus Rounds

Each bonus game is a chance to win one of three jackpots. If three (or more) symbols with the inscription Bonus appeared on the playing field of “Mega Fortune” slots game upon the playing active line sequentially (from left to right), then the bonus game automatically starts. The bonus can be activated and during free bonus rotations. According to the rules of the bonus game, the first two wheels allow the player to win a coin or move to the next wheel. Only wheels number two and number three provide a chance to win the jackpot. In order to get your winnings, the player can press the Stop button and the wheel stops spinning and stops, or wait for the wheel to stop automatically (about 40 seconds).
Options for the outcome of the bonus round:
If the wheel stops at the field with the coin symbol, the player receives a cash win and finishes the bonus game;
If the bonus wheel stops at the arrow symbol, the next wheel automatically starts spinning;
In the case where the bonus wheel stops on the game symbol Jackpot, the gambler wins the jackpot, whose name is written on the playing field;
Mega jackpot in the slot machine “Mega Fortune” is estimated at millions of euros. This slot is in the Guinness Book of Records for the maximum amount of jackpot payout on the Internet. It amounted to more than 17 million euros;
The probability and chance that the bonus wheel in the gaming machine will stop at a certain field is given only by the random number generator and the moment of stopping the wheel to the dropped symbol has nothing to do.

Variations of this slot

Beginners in the gambling industry are encouraged to start with a demo version. It does not require registration and creation of a deposit for real money. If you want to replenish your wallet with a significant amount of real money, you need to choose a reliable online casino firstly, then register, deposit money on your account and start the game in the appropriate mode.

Rules and features

Nominal rates range from one cent to fifty. They can be renewed in all rounds except for situations with free spins. Jackpot in the slot machine “Mega Fortune” is 10,000 bets! Traditionally, the developers took care of the presence of a "wild" symbol (yacht) and a scatter (a bottle of expensive champagne) in “Mega Fortune” (one can play for free with the loss of three scatters, that is, free of charge spin, as well as a multiplier). In the case of a five-time drop on a single Scatter line, the symbol brings the player 100 bets, in the case of a four-fold, ten. If a bottle of champagne drops out three times, all bets are multiplied by three, if two times - by two.
"Wild" symbol is able to replace the others in the dropped combinations (except bonus and scatter). When two such symbols appear on one active line, the player receives a tenfold bet payment. If there are three of them, then there is a hundredfold. And in the case of the fall of four symbols - in the thousand fold. When five "wild" symbols are on one line, the initial rates are multiplied by a factor of x10000. The most profitable is a chic white limousine (five limousines - a factor of x1000, four - x200). A three-time loss of the bonus symbol in the form of a wheel of fortune activates the bonus game.
On the toolbar of the “Mega Fortune” slot machine there are buttons for selecting the pay line and betting level (Bet Lines and Bet Level). Round button with arrows - start the game process. You can select the nominal values using the Coin Value button, increase the bet to the maximum by pressing Max Bet, and familiarize yourself with the symbols and rules of the game - in Pay table.

History of “Mega Fortune”

The original storyline of the “Mega Fortune” is associated with luxurious leisure activities. Even the alphanumeric images appearing on the display of the slot are made against the background of precious stones in silver frames. “Mega Fortune’s” gorgeous watch, the bracelet of which is made of gold and platinum, looks very attractive.
Some of the thematic pictures that are characteristic of this slot machine show how the strengths of this world spend their leisure time among other rich people. For example, the American roulette shown on the display of the “Mega Fortune” slot is associated with a visit to Las Vegas and its gambling venues, famous all over the world. A bottle of elite champagne and two transparent glasses hint to users how best to spend a romantic evening with a lady of the heart. For example, book a table for two in the best restaurant and taste foreign sparkling wine. A Cuban cigar and whiskey - this is the best option for these machos.


“Mega Fortune” is one of the brightest slots on the developer list: jackpots cannot be paid for months and total tens of millions of euros, and can be shot every week, as it was in February 2014. It should be noted that “Mega Fortune” slot is a game of minus and if the player wants to try his/her luck at catching the jackpot, then the balance of the account should be ready for it. If you want to win money in the “Mega Fortune” slot, be sure to play for free in the demo of this slot machine. The fabulous amounts of the progressive jackpot are what attract players first. The device is really worth it to spend time on it, and quality graphics and the opportunity to taste the delights of luxurious life will certainly impress the players.